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Short Hair Waves - (30 Piece) - Retail: $59.95

Today's Price: $24.95 - 59% OFF!


Medium Hair Waves - (30 Piece) - Retail: $79.95

Today's Price: $34.95 - 59% OFF!


Long Hair Waves - (30 Piece) - Retail: $109.95

Today's Price: $44.95 - 59% OFF!


Extra Long Hair Waves - (30 Piece) - Retail: $119.95

Today's Price: $49.95 - 59% OFF!


Hair Dryer Attachment Bonnet - Retail: $35.95

(For Time Saving Super Fast Drying) 

Today's Price: $12.95 - 65% OFF


How would you like gorgeous beachy, wavy hair without destroying it with a heat iron? Well now you can! This is the solution you've been waiting for! Ladies (and mothers) absolutely love these GoHeatless wave curlers, available for short, medium and long hair. Scroll down to read product reviews.



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About this Product: 

  • HIGH QUALITY: Contains 30 salon quality wave curlers that lay form to any hair type and are easy and comfortable to sleep in.
  • SAVES TIME: Apply to hair during the day (while cleaning your house for example). Or use the hair dryer attachment bonnet to dry your hair in 15 minutes. Or lastly put them in before going to sleep and save time during your getting ready routine the next morning! Only takes 15-20 minutes to apply.
  • EASY TO USE: Apply to small sections of damp freshly washed hair. If there is any pulling or snagging during the application process, this is because the section of hair is too large for the hook. Remove some of the hair and the application will be smooth and easy. Leave to dry completely by air or with hair dryer attachment bonnet, then remove and style!
  • STOP DAMAGING YOUR HAIR: A great alternative to using heated styling irons and will create healthy-looking waves, without damaging or destroying your hair.
  • BEST OPTION FOR CHILDREN/TEENS: Don't damage your child’s hair anymore or risk injury with a hot curling iron. Use this product instead to achieve gorgeous damage-free waves! Your girls will thank you.


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Package Size: 7.87in x 7.87in x 3.94in

Package Weight: 0.50kg (1.10lb.)


Package Contents:

1 Hair Pull-Through Hook

30 Wave Curlers

Full Instructions

Stylish Vanity Bag


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